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As a comprehensive law firm of partnership approved by the Ministry of Justice of the People's Republic of China and the Beijing Municipal judicial Bureau,  JUNDING LAW FIRM is committed to providing our clients with a series of combined, high level and results-orientedlegal services. 

Excellent Team of Legal Elite

JUNDING is founded by a team of outstanding lawyers, most of whom got their PHD or LLM from some prestigious law schools, both abroad and in China, where they received good legal instruction and a strict training in practicing skills. Moreover, they have accumulated lots of experience during their legal practices. Therefore, they are adept to handle various legal problems in the field of civil, criminal, economic and intellectual property.

Wide Scope of Legal Services

 we adhere to the legal reasoning of "Meticulous Investigation and Insightful Legal Analysis" in practicing our litigations and have successfully handled dozens of cases for our clients, which encompassed litigations in corporate investment,  shareholders’ disputes, contract disputes, intellectual property infringement and labor disputes, etc., some of which was selected as typical cases by the Supreme Court or the local High Courts.

We stand by the principle of " Diligence and Faithfulness" in dealing with the non-litigation cases for our clients, and have provided legal services in the IPOs, the issuances of corporate bonds, and joint-stock transformation, M&A, disposing of non-performing assets of financial institutions, due diligence and company bankruptcy liquidation, etc. We also serve as legal counsels of our clients, providing daily legal services of company internal governance, contract drafting & reviewing, and business negotiations bilingually in both Mandarin and English.

Distinguishing IP Specialty

Intellectual Property is playing a more and more important role in market competition. We are qualified to provide IP legal services. First of all, JUNDING is a patent agency licensed by SIPO. Secondly, most of JUNDING lawyers are expert at handling IP cases, because not only have they received their degrees in both law and science & technology, but also acquired Chinese lawyer and patent agent certification . Thirdly, we have successfully handled dozens of IP cases for our clients, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, IP licensing contracts, and trade secret, etc. Therefore, we are able to provide IP services which will help our clients to hone their competitive edge in their marketing business.

Traditional Professional Ethics

While keeping effective communication with  various circles of the society, we scrupulously abide by the legal professional ethics in our legal practices and try our best to maximize the legal interest of our clients.


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