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Copyrights in China

The attorneys at Longan are experienced in negotiating and drafting agreements relating to the creation, use and transfer of works of authorship of all types, including computer-related works, literary, published and musical works.

Longan Law has extensive experience in preventing the illegal copying of works of expression in China. Through drafting and negotiating joint authorships and works-for-hire agreements (including releases and waivers) in connection with various employment arrangements, Longan tracks the release and sales of your copyrighted works in China. In addition, we have represented major companies in the entertainment industry in connection with the acquisition of copyrights.

Our attorneys have handled infringement litigation (including online infringement), ownership disputes, royalty negotiations, licensing, assignments and copyrights. Our approach is to implement and press Chinese Copyright Law onto the ever-fluid Chinese business environment. Providing international clients with the most effective and practical solutions has won us the confidence and trust from owners of the nation's most well known works.

Our services in this area include:

  • Protection and the strategic planning of copyrights
  • Acquisition of copyright registration in both China and abroad
  • Managing copyright matters associated to the Internet
  • Copyright licensing
  • Employee and third-party waivers and releases
  • Administrative and judicial enforcement of copyrights; and
  • Assignment agreements.

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